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Best Intentions (Got Me Nothing) Tee Designed by Devin Goebel

Screen printed by our friends over at Ramona Press on Canvas brand shirts. 52 cotton/48 polyester blend, super soft. Runs true to size.

"When thinking of what I wanted to make for a t-shirt design, I initially thought of a sports t-shirt for people who have no interest in sports, like myself. That idea really didn’t go anywhere, but led me to the thought of trophies. At the same time I caught myself saying “I intended to…” way too often. Whether it was going to the studio, or doing laundry or riding my bike to work. It bugged the shit out of me that I lacked discipline, and I wasn’t following through with what I wanted to do. So I started drawing up this best intentions trophy; the award for everything you never ended up accomplishing. It’s funny, and slightly sad and sarcastic. Everything I wanted it to be."

*Read Devin's full interview.

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