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Limited Edition Bomb Pop Prints by Devin Goebel

Limited edition digital prints of the original bomb pops. 8 X 10 Printed by Nightingale Handmade on Hahnemühle 310 German Etching fine art paper.

"One day in the studio I decided to do a study of a melting bomb pop. I laid one on a piece of pallet pepper, took some pictures and left it there to melt while I went about my studio time. When I checked back in on it, there was a beautiful puddle of melted popsicle. I did the same thing, but on a  piece of heavy drawing paper. I figured, at most, it would just dye the paper. Instead all the sugar and preservatives in the bomb pops, kept it at a gooey, candy-like state and kept the stick adhered to the paper. I decided then to make a series of melted bomb pops on paper. I varied the look of them by eating different amounts of the popsicle before dropping them on the paper. I torched some of them with a hair dryer to get the drips on the paper. I got really sick of bomb pops by the end of the summer. I'm stoked to finally have them in print form."

*Read Devin's full interview.

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